5 Reasons Why People Are Angry?

There are many problems in life that we try to control. Anger can affect us all in so many different ways. We are angry at governments. We are angry at each other. We even get angry at our favorite sports teams. Most of all, we get angry about problems in

People are angry for many reasons. Anger is a part of us. It is very similar to us being happy or us being sad. Anger can help us solve problems and it can also cause problems. Most people get angry when they are “pissed off.” Ralph Waldo Emerson said “We boil at different degrees.” The Mental Health Foundation in London, England reports that “65% of office workers have experienced office rage.” Let us take a closer look at 5 reasons why so many people get angry.

  1. Family History- You may find this hard to believe but children will copy their angry parent’s behavior. Children that grow up in a violent or angry family tend to display those characteristics as adults. A son sees his father striking his mother and he thinks it is ok to hit women. This young man develops an attitude that tells him it is socially acceptable to abuse others.
  2. Crowded Cities- The world’s population is about 7 billion. Whenever there is a large amount of people in a small city, the tempers will flare. Citizens in crowded cities have to deal with traffic jams, high crime rates, angry people, and many other social issues that cause stress. Crowded cities put a tremendous burden on health care systems, police departments, and other resources.
  3. Financial Issues- Financial issues are one of the 5 reasons why people are angry. In 2010, the United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO) reports that more than “210 million people across the globe are estimated to be unemployed.” Many people are angry because they have experienced economic despair. Millions of workers are handed pink-slips. They sometimes kill innocent people, seek revenge, and commit suicide.
  4. Unfairness- It spreads all around the world like an unstoppable disease. People are treated unfairly in many lands. It is not unusual for persons to be denied basic housing, medical care, and food, because of their backgrounds. These injustices cause mankind to go crazy and to commit unspeakable acts such as terrorism. Persons experience unbearable emotional pain when they are mistreated.
  5. Environments- The environment does play a role on how people handle anger. If a person is exposed to violence on television, computers, and electronic devices repeatedly. It may have an impact on his behavior. There are soldiers that prepare themselves for war by playing “extremely violent” video games. Youths and adults have resorted to shooting sprees due to their environment.

These are the 5 reasons why people are angry. There are also many more reasons why people become angry. However, it makes sense for all of us to learn how to control our anger and to use it in a positive way. If you find yourself getting angry, relax and calm down. You do not want to do anything stupid!


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