5 Ways Children Can Help the Environment

With so many people trying to go green right now, it is important to train our children early enough to help green efforts become habits that they can take into their adulthood. Schools are starting recycling programs and scout clubs are working habitats and performing community clean-ups – which is a great start. Illustrating ways children can make an individual difference can help our environment even more.

Save Water

Letting children see the way you brush your teeth will show them that you are making a difference as well. Turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth.

Reuse unneeded items

Share or donate items you no longer use. Whether you post an ad on a FreeCycle site, donate to a charity or homeless shelter, take your children with you to help them understand how much their discards can help others in need. Help them clean out their closets and dresser drawers to eliminate cluttered toys, games, books, and clothes that do not fit them anymore.

Keep the air clean

Walk with your children to the park, swimming pool, or their friend’s house instead of driving them. It will give you quality time for easy discussions while helping the quality of the air in your immediate vicinity.

Save Energy

Turn off lights, the TV and your home computer when you are not using them. You can save a lot of energy by unplugging unused items such as coffee makers, toasters, and blenders that leech tiny quantities of energy even when they are not being used.

Beautify your community and “add” fresh air

Plants absorb CO2 Visit the local nursery and allow your children to select a tree or shrub. Let them help you plant and water it to help add oxygen to the air in your yard. Even flowers help the air around us. Visit your local library for books on plants that are native to your area for more suggestions.

There are other ways to help the environment, but these few steps can help children begin their path to solid ecological practices that can continue throughout their lives. Who knows? Their next “show and tell” speech might just be showing photos of a planting project or an idea that came up during one of your walks to the park!

Teaching our children early in life and leading by example will help promote a better environment for us and future generations. It’s never too early to start.


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