7 Ways To Save The Environment With Your Children on Earth Day

How can I teach my children how to help clean up the world we share, or the environment, on Earth Day?

Earth Day comes around every year on April 22.  It makes no difference what a person's views are on the truth or fiction of global warming, Earth Day still happens each year.  Most people would not argue that there are simple things everyone can do to help make our world more livable for everyone.  If you have children, they will no doubt learn about Earth Day in their school through a program or some community project.  It's a fully-packed science lesson waiting to be released.  But, there are things you can do with your children on Earth Day, and every day, to help clean up and save our environment.

  1. Plant some trees.  You can do this in your own backyard if it's big enough.  If not, take part in a group in your community who is planting trees.  If you can't find such a group, consider conducting a fund raiser to raise money to send to groups who are planting trees to help replace those that have been cut down to be used for things we consume.  There are even groups who are planting olive groves in Israel.
  2. Recycle - Many communities offer free recycling pick up.  If yours does not, you can still keep a large container in which to collect your empty plastic bottles, aluminum, etc.  When it's full, make a trip to your local recycling center.  This is an extra step that can be time consuming but really makes a difference to our landfills.
  3. Use reusable containers.  This includes cloth shopping bags, aluminum drinking water bottles or refillable cups.  If you refill or reuse instead of consume and throw away, it saves tons of waste in our landfills each year.
  4. Do some fun arts and crafts with recyclables.  In many communities, there are even art centers that focus on recycled crafts.  They collect recycled materials and then conduct classes in which children make fun art projects out of the materials.  There are even summer camps that operate under the similar principal asking parents to send the child to camp with recyclables in which they can create and invent and learn without wasting.  If your community doesn't offer one, consider starting one yourself.  If you're not feeling that ambitious, just have fun with it between your own children and you.
  5. Use less water.  One of the largest drain of water in American homes is the simple act of flushing a toilet and taking long showers.  The water in the toilet can be conserved quite a bit by simply taking two water bottles, filling them with about an inch of sand each then fill them with water.  Place them inside the toilet bowl without interfering with the flushing mechanism.  This can save as much as 10 gallons of water each day alone.
  6. Walk your neighborhood, bring a bag with you and pick up litter.  Not only will you clean up your neighborhood, but you'll get good exercise and spend some quality time with your children as well.
  7. Plant a children's garden in your own back yard.  If the garden contains vegetables, this is a fantastic learning tool all season long.  Who knows, they may even eat their veggies by harvest time.

There are numerous other ways to have fun with your children while making this world a better place in which to live.  Whatever you do on Earth Day, have fun while learning about the amazing world which we all share.


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