A Father's Best Role in the Family

We cannot deny the fact that a father have a strong influence over his family; a complete family with a mother and a father. Without the other, the parental partnership will never be successful. A father is as equally important as the mother. Both have their own vital roles to play in upbringing their children.

In the eyes of a child, what makes a good father? Well, to help those fathers or would-be fathers, here are some of the few best role of a father in the eyes of his children.

  • Fathers are the most important bread winner in the family. Now matter how hard life is a father will surely move heaven and earth to fend for his family like for instance the basic necessities like food, shelter and clothing.
  • Fathers also sustains for the education and character development of his child. In general he is responsible for the emotional well-being of his children.
  • A father takes on the responsibility of the house security particularly at night by making sure if the doors are locked.
  • A father will be the one to decide about the curfew time particularly if he has adolescent girls.
  • Fathers decide to grant permission to his children to spend time with friends who he thinks he will be confident of that those friends can be trusted.
  • Fathers can be a playmate, best friend, and confidante so he can connect and eventually his child will be able to trust him to avoid any secrecy that might be a problem later on.
  • Fathers sometimes can be a cook. There are a lot of fathers who knows how to cook especially if it’s for the family.
  • Fathers are lawyers and judges too. They may be argumentative sometimes but they have the final say when it comes to financial and moral circumstances.
  • Fathers are budget analysts as well. Since they are the breadwinner, they calculate and audit every cent for disbursement and analyze future expenditures.
  • Fathers can do repairs and be a maintenance man inside the household. If during emergencies such as leaking faucets, broken tables and chairs, he can easily fix without immediately calling for a professional help.
  • Fathers are good morale boosters and guidance counselors. If an emotional problem occurs he gives his best advice and encouragement. He never leaves his child feel disappointed.

In the eyes of his children, a father is composed of a lot of things and whatever the role a father portrays; he is still the other half in the parental partnership. Acting as the better half in the division of responsibilities with his wife, and as a best role model for his child is the most important.


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