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Pet Pet Park is a free new virtual world that is a great solution for parents who are looking for a cheaper option than Webkinz.

Parents who are discovering that the world of Webkinz is getting to be too expensive may want to check out a newcomer to the virtual pet world - Pet Pet Park. While this world doesn't offer the plush pets that come along with most of the virtual pets in Webkinz, this world it doesn't come with a $5-$15 pricetag per pet, either. Signing up and adopting a pet is free, as is exploring the world of the park. (There is an option to buy exclusive new accessories using Neocash at the Pet Pet Park mall, but kids can shop for non-exclusive items at the regular shops in the park with Park Points that they earn for doing jobs and activities instead.)

While there aren't many pets to choose from right now, I assume the site will add more pets once it's been around a bit longer. Currently, you can only adopt one pet, but from the wording in the FAQ, it looks like people will eventually be able to adopt more than one pet on their accounts. Signing up was nice and easy. In minutes, I was able to choose the adorable little hippo for my pet, name it and complete my sign up for a new account. (A child who signs up will have to include a parent's email address so the site can notify parents that he or she has joined. I was happy to see this safety precaution because the chat isn't as limited as the Webkinz chat is.)

The pets seem vaguely like NeoPets and the two sites are actually related. The Pet Pet Park site is designed to be user-friendly for a younger age group. You can use your NeoPets login to sign up for Pet Pet Park and you can't have more than five accounts total between the two sites. It seems like the park is more activity-oriented and looks like it doesn't have options for fighting or having bully pets, which are things I didn't like about NeoPets.

At first, I wasn't sure I'd like this virtual world because I was a bit overwhelmed by all the things going on and couldn't figure out where to go and what to do. However, I discovered that if you explore one little section at a time, it is a lot less overwhelming and very cute. I went through the arch leading to the Halloween area and really enjoyed the activities and games in that little piece of the park world.

Overall, it is a nicely done site and worth looking at. Younger children, kids who are easily frustrated, or those who have trouble navigating sites may want to stick with Webkinz, which was a lot less confusing for me to figure out. Kids who are willing to take the time to figure everything out will be happy they took the time to learn their way around Pet Pet Park.


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