Adoption Process in Lexington-Fayette - Tips and Tricks to Speed Up the Process

Tips and tricks to speed up the adoption process in Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky, help bring families and adoptive children together.

The adoption process in Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky can be long and complicated without taking some important steps to speed up the process. Adoption, whether domestic or foreign, involves paper work, screenings by the agency and home studies. The best way to speed up the process is to have all paper work ready before the meetings and interviews begin.

Personal and Family Paperwork Required for Adoption

One of the best tips to help families speed up the adoption process in the Lexington-Fayette area is to have all your personal paper work ready. Marriage certificates, birth certificates for both parents and children living in the home, death certificates if a marriage is ended by death or the deaths of any children and divorce decrees are all required personal paperwork for those seeking adoption in Kentucky. Having these documents in hand before you begin the adoption process will decrease the time you have to wait to become approved.

References and Certifications Required for Adoption

Every potential adoptive family needs personal references before they can adopt in Kentucky. These references need to be writing and the originals filed with the adoptive agency. Getting references can take time, so requesting them early is another great tip to help speed up the adoption process. Choose personal references outside of your immediate family that have a long standing and close relationship with you. Ask your personal references choices if they will be a reference for you and give them a deadline for having their letters completed. Credit references are also a requirement, so get in touch with your bank or other lending institution to find out how to obtain credit reference letters for adoption purposes. Getting these references letters quickly will help speed up the adoption process.

Agency Clearances Required for Adoption

The State of Kentucky requires certifications from several agencies before an adoption can take place. Getting these documents early will speed up the adoption process. FBI clearance, Kentucky child abuse/neglect clearance for everyone in the home over the age of 12, medical clearance in the form of a physical and documentation for both parents and all children living in the home, animal safety and certification and certification of your septic system if you are not on city water are all a part of the requirements for adoption in Lexington-Fayette.

Financial Statements and Self Studies Required for Adoption

Self studies and home studies are a big part of the adoption process and can be completed at any time during the application. Adoption agencies do these studies when the family is ready, so having your home in order and scheduling your home and self studies as soon as possible will speed up the process of adoption. Along with these studies, you’ll be asked to provide a financial statement, proof of employment, state tax returns, as well as pay application fees and court fees. Getting the proper studies completed, providing financial forms and paying fees in a timely way will speed up your adoption process.

Whether adopting internationally or domestically, having all the paperwork in hand, preparing for and scheduling home studies, health exams and completing self studies will help you and your family adopt in a timely way.


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