Characteristics Of a Gifted Child

Read on to find if your child is gifted!

No parent can resist the temptation of believing that his/her child is gifted. According to National Association for Gifted Children(US) approximately 6% of US student population is gifted. Read below to find if your child falls in the category of gifted children

Characteristics Of Gifted Children

• Highly sensitive: Gifted children tend to have high emotional and physical sensitivity. They tend to get upset easily and mind things that other children don’t seem to be aware of like a label on the shirt neck!

• Early readers: These children start reading early and are able to read well before starting school.

• Good imagination: Gifted children have high power to imagine and fantasize. They are creative and some times their fantasies include non-existent people/friends.

• Need fewer sleeping hours: They tend to put of sleeping and need lesser hours of sleep than the average bear.

• Alertness: Gifted children show high level of alertness to all kinds of stimuli around them.

• Excellent memory: Gifted children are equipped with commendable memory.

• Longer Attention span: Gifted children can remain focused and attentive for longer period than average children. They don’t get easily tired or restless.

• Efficient with numbers and alphabets: They display excellent skill of numbers and alphabets. They are proficient with them before the age of two.

• Diverse interest

• Highly creative

• Yearn for company of higher age group

• Achieve milestones early

• High energy levels.

Here is a comparative data on milestones reached by average children and gifted children based on age

Source:The Gifted Education Research, Resource and Information Centre [GERRIC], The University of New South Wales, SYDNEY Australia.

Sitting up on his/her own: Normal age is 7 months. Gifted age is 4.5 months

Standing on his own:Normal age is 11 months. Gifted age is 7.7 months.

Crawling up the stairs:Normal age 15 months. Gifted age 10.5 months

Walking upstairs: Normal age 18 months. Gifted age 12.6 months.

 Playing with rattle: Normal age 3 months. Gifted age 2.1 months

Holding objects with a finger and thumb: Normal age 9 months. Gifted age 6.3 months

Scribbling:Normal age 13 months. Gifted age 9.1 month

Drawing figure with two parts: Normal age 48 months. Gifted age 33.6 months

Copying a triangle: Normal age 60 months. Gifted age  42 months.

 Smiling at people: Normal age 1.5 months. Gifted age 1.05 months

Search for sound: Normal age 2.2 months. Gifted age 1.54 months.

Follow simple directions: Normal age 17.8  months. Gifted age 12.46 months.

Speaking three word sentences: Normal age 24 months. Gifted age 16.8 months.

Tells full name:Normal age 30 months. Gifted age 21 months.

Counts objects till three:Normal age 36 months. Gifted age 25.2 months.


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