Everything You Need to Know About Preparing for Your Daughter's Dance Recital

Things you may not know about dance recitals

Dance recital time is now behind us for the year.  If your daughter is involved with the art of dance, you probably have already found out all the ins and outs of dance recitals.  For those of you who are just getting started with dance classes for your little lady, there are things you may not know.

First, the expense of just the dance classes is just the beginning.  There is also the dance costume fee.  If you are lucky, your dance instructor may allow you to rent these and return them after the show.  Otherwise, these can range from $30-100 or so depending on your individual studio.  Then, after the recital, you are left with a nice little dress with which all you can do is play dressup or store away as a keepsake, as it will never be used again.  In addition to the costume, you are quite often required to purchase tights, hair ties and other accessories not included with the costume.

There is usually also a dance recital fee.  The option to this is to sell tickets which usually are around $10 a piece for grandma, grandpa, aunts & undles and friends to come witness your daughter's (or in some cases, son's) talents of dance.

Most studios will require hair in a bun and makeup on the face.  You will most likely receive an informational sheet showing you how to put hair into a bun and how to apply makeup as well as what shades of colors desired.  Usually, red lips are a must as well as dark pink cheeks.  Some even require white eye shadow and mascara complete with eyeliner.   Makeup can be a hot-button topic with many parents.  The studio will tell you that the reason they require makeup is so everyone looks uniform and visible underneath the bright theatre lights.  Regardless, the makeup an hair accessories such as bobby pins & elastic bands are an additional expense.

Before the recital, many studios will have a special date set aside where the dancers come for a group and individual photographs.  This is an extra expense that you probably won't want to miss out on since it will be a special memento of the class your child danced with that year.  Price on photos vary widely based upon local photographers.  If you're lucky, you'll get a good deal at around $25.00 or so for a slim package.

Some studios require a dress rehearsal as well.  If the child does not attend the dress rehearsal, they are quite often not allowed to take part in the recital.  This is a night when the dancers dress up in full costume & makeup and arrive on time to wait for sometimes a few hours to practice their dance number.  Some studios will allow you to film and take personal photos only at the dress rehearsal as they sell professional DVDs of the performance which can be purchased for between $20-$40 depending on videographer & location.

Then, the night of the recital finally arrives.  You think everything is paid for and done.  You can sit back and enjoy the show.  But wait!  Did you remember the flowers?  Not every first-year dancing family knows that flowers are routinely presented to the dancers at the close of the show.  If you forge this important detail, your dancer may be left on the stage feeling like the only one with no flowers to show for her performance.

Now, you can relax and enjoy the show.


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