Fun Day Trips for Toddlers

Spending time with your toddler can be and should be the best part of your day. But, with the tantrums and hissy fits that accompany most toddlers, it may be hard to hone in on those 'precious moments'. Your toddler needs to be constantly entertained in order for you and him to have a good time. Often times, replaying her Blue's Clues DVD is not going to be enough to satisfy your little one. So, I have compiled a list of some things you and your little sprout can do together, that will not only be rewarding for you, but for her as well.

I am going to try to focus mainly on educational or enriching outings.

1. Go to your local park

Normally other parents or nanny's have thought of this same idea. Therefore, your youngster will have other children to play with. She will most likely get a good sampling of new friends. Some will be slightly older or younger, different ethnic backgrounds, different upbringing, and etc. This will help your toddler to socialize and learn the importance of "we are all different, so, we are all the same." However, don't be surprised if she starts saying new colorful words.

2. Go to your local library

Often times your local library will have a special reading hour for toddlers. This is a great way to help your child to take a brave new step into the literary world. Studies show that children that are read to at an early age will benefit from it later on in life.

3. Go to the zoo

This may seem like a no-brainer. But, going to the zoo, especially during the off season is a great way to help your toddler learn about animals. I suggest going in the fall and early winter due to school field trips and vacationers. Your toddler may not enjoy the zoo as much if it is so crowded that she can't see the flamingos.

4. Go to a museum

Yes. You heard me. Take your accident prone toddler to a museum. I didn't stutter. Taking your child to a museum and pointing out colors is one of the many ways you can help teach your child about colors, and about art. You may be surprised to see your little ones next artwork is dramatically different than the others you have on the fridge. Sometimes children need more inspiration in life. She has probably never seen artwork before. Expose her to it now while her mind is still a sponge.

5. Go for a walk

Go for a walk. Just a short one around your neighborhood or yard. Find leaves or varying colors, look at bugs, point out mail boxes, and different colors of houses. Pick flowers or let her pick weeds for you that she thinks are flowers. You would be surprised how much fun you and your toddler can have just making a trip around the block. This will also help her familiarize herself with her neighborhood.

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Posted on Oct 29, 2008