Homes for All Veterans

The United States Veteran's Administration has provided a grant of nearly $1 million to help needy veterans throughout the state of Colorado. Housing for all veterans (HAV), will be administered by Denver Options and will have its offices located in Color

There is hope of help for all the homeless veterans in the State of Colorado this Holiday season. The United States Veterans Administration has just authorized a grant of roughly $930 thousand to help veterans state wide. The program, called Homes for all Veterans, will be become an integral part of the Denver Options Programs. Particular focus will be placed upon the Pikes Peak region because that is the area with the highest number of veterans in need. Because of that, the headquarters for HAV has been located in the city of Colorado Springs. The Colorado Springs office for the HAV program opened its door five days ago, Monday morning, October 17, 2011.

Rafael Vega, a 20-year veteran of the United States Navy, and the HAV’s program assistant, told reporters from Colorado Springs, KOAA Channel 5 News, minutes after the doors opened, “We have had three referrals so far this morning, and we have more people waiting at the door.”

Denver Option

Denver Options is a nonprofit organization with 20 years’ experience working with mentally and physically challenged children and adults in the Denver County area. Denver Options has also served adults, state-wide, suffering from traumatic brain injuries (TBI). In 2008, Denver Options formed Operation TBI Freedom, to begin working with veterans suffering from TBI and working with the veterans’ families.

Services to be provided by HAV

The Veteran’s Administration’s grant will enable Denver Options to provide veterans with the following services:

  • HAV will help veterans, and their families locate temporary and permanent housing.
  • HAV will assist the veteran and his or her family with applications for receiving veteran and public benefits.
  • HAV will provide for emergency health, food, and financial needs for the veteran and his or her family.
  • HAV will provide legal and financial planning services for the veteran and his or her family.
  • HAV will assist the veteran in finding employment.

Program qualifications

To qualify for HAV help, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

• the applicant must be a veteran who has served at least one day of active service,

• be the head of a household, or be the spouse of the head of a household (either the head of household or the spouse of the head of the household may be the veteran), that is considered a low-income household,

• the veteran and his family must be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, and

• The veteran must have been honorably discharged.

Financial qualifications

To be eligible for the program, veterans' families must be considered "very low income." Income limits for eligibility are determined based on family size and metro area or county of residence. Click here to view or download a chart listing income limits by family size and metro area or county of residence.

HAV Contact Information

Dee Drake, MS

HAV Program Manager

(719) 429-8746

Rafael A. Vega, MPA

Intake Specialist

(719) 884-0033 Ext 2004


KOAA Channel 5 News


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