Homeschooler Answers Two Popular Anti-homeschooling Questions

Two great reasons to homeschool

?Why home school?  It's certainly not the easy path to take.  The moment you announce you are homeschooling, the anti-homeschoolers come out in droves to question your motives.  The most favorite question is:  What about socialization?  Followed by:  Are you qualified to teach your child?  Of course there are other questions as well.  But, these are the two most popular.  So, let's address them:

What about socialization?  For many homeschoolers, the reply will be:  "I homeschool because of socialization."  That is, the typical homeschooling parent does not approve of the way public schools socialize the children.  News headlines of drugs, STDs, school bus bullies and the like among middle, Jr. high school students as well as high school students is enough to make your head spin.  Many homeschooling parents choose not to plunge their children into these environments.

To this response, the typical anti-homeschooler will remark:  "Well, the child needs to be plunged into and exposed to these things to know how to respond.  They won't have their mommy and daddy with them all their lives."  True.  They won't have mommy and daddy all their lives.  But, why throw a baby into a shark-infested ocean to simply learn how to swim.  Once the child learns to stay afloat, they can then choose to swim in the ocean with the knowledge of how to stay safe and avoid danger.

While even among homeschoolers, there can be rebellion and childhood issues, a loving family is the best foundation to start a child.  A child needs nurture and a solid foundation of love and security in order to make proper decisions later in life.  Most homeschooling parents agree that the public school environment does not provide this.  This is the job of a loving parent.  No one can love and nurture our children the way a parent can.

In addition to this, most homeschoolers are able to carry on conversations with adults without looking down or feeling like they want to run far away.  Homeschoolers also tend to test better on standardized tests.  And, they are able to turn around and lovingly care for a younger sibling without feeling the "peer pressure" to be "cool!"  Though, many homeschoolers are quite mature, well-adapted individuals and not the dorks they are so often portrayed.

This brings us to the next popular question:

Are you qualified to teach your children?  While some homeschoolers will argue that you are qualified to teach your child simply by the fact that you are the child's parent, I'm not sure I completely agree.  There are some parents who may need to seek outside resources to get the job done.  On the other hand, in most loving family environments, no one else will truly love and nurture your child the way you will.  Some states require a teacher's certificate to homeschool.  Others require a special certification.  Others require nothing.  But, studies have shown that a good teacher does not need to know all there is to know.  The greatest teachers of all time simply have the skills of directing the student to learn.  If you can inspire your children to find out information on their own and light the fires of the desire to learn, you have the makings of a great teacher - certificate or not.

Also, if you want a simple quick answer to reply to the skeptics - There are countless homeschool curriculum companies who will gladly sell you their packages to educate your children.  You only need to know how to pay them and how to oversee your children using them for learning to take place.  Of course, this isn't the ideal homeschooling adventure.  But, if it satisfies the questioner, let the answer stand.

Bottom line is that homeschooling can open up doors of learning that no other environment can provide.  Even experts agree that one on one learning is the best form.  There are learning centers and tutors available across the nation to carry out learning in this manner.  But, when it can be done in the environment of a loving family; this is ideal.


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