How Classical Music is Important to Your Child

Allowing children to experience classical music is important to child development.

Music helps to develop thinking skills in children and that is one reason why they should be exposed to classical music in the home and at school. There are also other skills that they will develop from learning and being exposed to classical music.

How often have you heard people say that they don’t like classical music? They say that it makes them sleepy or they find it boring. There is probably a good possibility that they weren’t exposed to classical music as children. It really doesn’t take a lot to give children an appreciation for classical music. Just be sure that they are exposed to it when they are very young.

It’s not a hard task to teach children, starting from infancy, about the beauty of classical music. Play some soft classical music for them while they are playing with their toys. At night when getting ready for bed let them hear a little classical music.  It will help them wind down and relax. Babies and little children are like sponges and will enjoy the sounds and sights that they are exposed to.

There are a lot of theories as to the benefits of classical music. Putting these theories aside it’s logical that learning to appreciate music means that a child has to learn several things. Children learn how to concentrate, listen, and learn discipline. It’s easier to teach children about classical music if they can be exposed to music in a live setting with a full orchestra.

Many of the symphonies and orchestras of today have community outreach programs. As an example, The Alabama Symphony in Birmingham, AL, goes into the community to schools and churches and performs many free concerts for children and adults. Can you imagine having a full symphony in your school’s auditorium or in your church? This is an awesome experience for children.

A lot of classically trained musicians are available to the schools and will offer master classes to students in school orchestras to help encourage them in their music studies. This also helps young people become better at playing their instruments and gives them incentive to continue with this into their adult lives.

Hopefully you will get a chance to go to some of the free concerts given by symphonies throughout the United States during the summer season. If you can, don’t miss this opportunity. It’s fun to watch the reactions of the little children. You’ll see many of them jumping around and acting as if they don’t realize what’s going on, but you will also see that many of these children are very interested in the musicians and their instruments. It is especially fun for them when the orchestra is at ground level, you will see the little children inching forward to get a closer look.

Expose your children to all forms of art, by taking them to things like performances of Peter and the Wolf or the Nutcracker. My little granddaughter, who is only a year and a half years old, loves classical music. In the fall I took her to a concert for children. She was completely happy and enthralled to watch the symphony even at her very young age. She enjoyed dancing, laughed, clapped, and she and I had a wonderful time.

Besides the music there is also so much history that can be learned. During the time periods when the greatest music was composed you will find so many fascinating stories that can be taught in a way that sparks a child’s imagination. Make sure that you expose your children and grandchildren to the wonderful history and experience of classical music.


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