How Do I Get Started Homeschooling?

how do I start homeschooling

How do I get started with homeschooling? As simple as it sounds, probably the biggest, most time-consuming part of deciding to homeschool is actually making the decision.  For most families, it is a very difficult and personal decision.  Most homeschoolers don't decide to homeschool for the same reasons.  Among the many reasons to decide to homeschoo, some are religious, some are curriculum based, some are socialization issues.

If your children are already enrolled in or part of the public or private school system, you will want to write a letter to the school notifying them of your intent to homeschool and/or withdraw your child from school. For a sample letter, see

If your children have not yet attended school, the process is simple. You simply begin.

You’ll want to make sure you are in compliance with the law. For instance, Missouri state law requires. Home School Legal Defense Association is a good place to start. You might even want to consider becoming a member as they offer a wealth of knowledge on homeschool rights and legislation as well as legal defense to uphold these rights. Depending on how many years you sign up for, the cost is approximately $115.00 per year.  Their website also outlines every state and their requirements and laws for that state.


Each state has their own homeschool laws and homeschooling requirements.  As an example, let's use Missouri as most states are similar to Missouri.  The differences may include requirements by some states to be tested or make reports to school districts.  Missouri does not require this.  Basically, in the State of Missouri, a homeschooler is required to provide - within a 12-month time frame - 1,000 hours of instruction. At least 600 hours must be in the five required subjects (Reading, math, social studies, language arts and science). At least 400 of the 600 must occur at the regular home school location.

Also, a plan book, diary or other record indicating subjects taught and activities engaged in must be maintained, along with a portfolio of samples of child’s academic work or other written credible evidence and a record of evaluations of the child’s academic progress.

One other thing you may consider is joining a homeschool support group. This is a great way to join in learning co-ops with other homeschoolers and field trips throughout the year.  A good place to start is at your church or organization where you are already a member. Then just keep your ears open.


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