How to Be a Healthy Single Mom!

Being a single parent is a hard job! Doing it the healthy way is the best way to go mentally and physically!

Being a single parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world. You have to take on many different roles that can include being, the chauffeur, the bread winner, the tutor, the bus driver and many more. Most single parents will find themselves depressed from time to time, but it is very smart to not lost interest in your kids as well as yourself. Never allow food to be the source that comforts you as a single parent. Obesity happens to be on the rise for many single moms, but luckily there are steps that one can take to prevent that from happening.

Being a single mom takes determination, a healthy diet and a good exercise routine. Try taking the time to shop for healthy things and loading your refrigerator with them. Consider buying shakes that are full of vitamins so you can make sure you are getting the required amount of nutrients each day. The shakes are very quick and convenient and now they can be more appetizing with the many different varieties offered.

Try your best to skip the fast food restaurants. They are very easy and convenient when it comes to having kids and being on the run, but they can be extremely detrimental to your health. Try carrying delicious snack bars in your purse or your transportation to get your through until time for a healthier meal option.

Avoid purchasing prepared meals in the freezer section of your grocery store. These foods can be low in fat and many other things, but they do tend to be very high in sodium and not to mention, very expensive.

If you want to have a very healthy meal that can be made from home and taken to the office, then consider making a nice salad and top it with some grilled chicken. If you do not like chicken or just want a change, consider using shrimp or some low-fat cheese to mix. Try using Italian dressing as it tends to be the most healthy option for salad dressing, plus it tastes great with a grilled chicken salad.

Buy some quick snack options such as fruits, crackers, and even string cheese. Avoid the isles in the stores that have processed foods and junk foods. Do not eat things such as cookies, ice cream or chips no matter how comforting they can be.

Always be as active as possible. Take a walk around the block or buy some exercise equipment for the house. Try buying some piece of equipment that you can read a good book while working out. It is very important to stop eating your meals in front of the TV. You will eat more food since you are not paying attention to what is going into your mouth.

It has been proven that depression is a major factor in determining the health of a person both physically and mentally. If you want to be a healthy single mom, try using some of the tips in this article. You may be able to combat depression as well as your weight and other health problems.


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