How to Build Your Child's Self Esteem

Building your child's self esteem is very important for the foundation of a lifelong positive attitude in the child.

Building your child's self esteem is very important for the foundation of a lifelong positive attitude in the child. Most often, children who feel good about themselves are more likely to excel academically, have good social skills and make better decisions for themselves and in other areas of life. Building your child's self esteem is not an easy task, but must be done so the child can have a better life. There are many different ways that this can be done, so keep reading to get a couple of great ideas and tips for building your child's self esteem.

Positive words of encouragement are a must when it comes to being a parent of a child. Young children are very impressionable and words can alter what they think and feel. You should always encourage your child to do new things and always make new friends. Praising your child is also a must! Let them know how proud of them you are for anything that you do. Children who get positive feedback tend to feel more better about themselves and they will also be more apt to trying new or different things.

Always build your child's strengths. Try your best to encourage your child to participate in activities that interest them and remember to always focus on their strengths. If an activity is to hard a child may become frustrated and give up, but if it is something that is easy and they can handle, they will me more willing to do the activity. When your child finds something they like and are very good at, then offer praise for their  accomplishment and for their effort in the activity they chose.

Listen to what your child has to say and listen to their needs. Listening and understanding what your child is saying is a great way to build self worth and also confidence. Never push your own interests on your child, give them the opportunity to discover things on their own. Let your child learn from their mistakes so they can discover new and different strengths.

Always provide room and opportunities for healthy growth. Diet and exercise are very important for a child's self esteem. A diet that is high in fats and other things can make the child feel sluggish and unmotivated to do anything at all. Encourage them to get outside and play or take a nice walk around the block. Fresh air is a great way to help stimulate your child's body as well as the mind. Try to always provide healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables. That way they can have the energy they need to learn, play and grow.

Try your best to find time for fun when it comes to your children. Provide them with games and trips that are both fun and can stimulate their mind. Plan weekly outings with other friends to help develop your children's social skills and development, Always let you child know that mistakes can happen, but encourage and give them the confidence to try again.

Should your child be struggling with something or may seem to be depressed, it may be in your best interest to seek the help of a professional. Talking with your child's teacher or guidance counselor may help you determine if there are any issues that your child needs some work with such as abnormal behaviors or other concerns with their learning or social skills.

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