How to Encourage Your Children to Cook

Encouraging your children to do several things is important. You always want to encourage them in their dreams and hopes. You also want to make sure they learn enough to take care of themselves one day too. It is every parent’s job to prepare their child for life and how to function in the world. Learning how to cook is very important for children, teenagers and young adults. Beginning at a young age, children can learn the basics of cooking and they can get hands on experience as well as observe you cooking to learn how to make food.

Make it fun for them to learn. This goes for anything, especially cooking. Cooking can be very fun for kids and you’ll find that many kids are anxious and eager to help out their parents make anything to eat. You can show them all of the ingredients or tell them what you need for the recipe. Let them help you mix your ingredients together. Let them help measure out liquids or solids in recipes. Let them break an egg under your supervision. When they are a little older, show them how to operate the oven, the stove and the microwave.

Always caution them about being burned or hurt by the stove to let them know they cannot play around with it. Let them observe you cooking and watch you as you show them step by step what you are doing and how to do it properly. Make sure to show them everything you want them to know for the future. You could even write down a list of things that you think are important. Do you want your children to know how to measure liquids/solids without having to use a measuring cup? Do you want to pass a special family recipe on? Do you want them to be able to know how to make several different dishes and several different recipes? Do you want to teach them how to use a couple of ingredients to make several different meals? Do you want to instill a frugal attitude about cooking and eating left overs? Decide what you want to teach your children and then go for it.

No matter how big or small the task you give your child to help you cook, it will have a lifelong impact on them. You will be showing them teamwork when both of you are working together to cook. You will be instilling values and skills into them, like patience, confidence, math, reading and science skills. They will also learn self control from cooking and it will help create an appreciation of home cooking and healthy eating habits. There are many benefits to teaching your children how to cook and instilling a desire in them to cook. Encouraging your children to cook with you will create a bond between you and help them down the road.


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