How to Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear of Monsters or the Dark

My three year old was terrified of dragons. Every night she insisted that there were Dragons in her room. I would pray with her and ask her Angels to make the Dragons away, afterwords she would be alright until about mid-night or one o'clock in the morning screaming for me, resulting in months of sleepless nights. I have tried night lights, soothing music and dream catchers even singing to her didn't seem to help. I called my mom for some advice and this is what she told me. Buy Aerosol spray and put a label on it (covering the products name) that clearly says " Dragon Spray" or "Monster Spray". I told my daughter that it was "Dragon Spray" and when I spray this "Dragon Spray" all of the dragons will go away. It worked! No more Dragons and sleepless nights. Thank you mom. 150

Fear of the dark

Darkness is the absence of light. Thanks to television, movies, scary stories,bad experiences and huge imaginations a lot of children are afraid of the dark, and some take it into adulthood. I for one am afraid of the dark to a certain extent. I have found that facing the fear will help me to conquer it. Sit with your child on their bed and point out that there is nothing to be afraid of, that when the lights are out, their bedroom doesn't change. Ask them if you can do an investigation of their room when the lights are off. Get your flashlight and turn off the lights. Sit with them and in a comforting tone ask them how they are feeling and what they are seeing. Validate them making sure that they feel safe talking to you so they don't feel like you are disappointed in them or think they are silly,that you are there to help them feel comfortable. Click on the flashlight and point out the things that were scary showing them that its nothing to be afraid of. Tell them that they can have the flashlight and if they get scared they can click it on. Then play with the flashlight making shadow animals.

For adults: it is not shameful to have a nightlight. I found if I say a prayer just before I go to bed helps.


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