How to Make Your Own Baby Food from Scratch

Depending on how tight your schedule is you may not have time to make your own baby food, but there are many reasons for doing so. First of all your child may be like mine, and will refuse to eat pre-made baby food. Not that I blame her because it does taste pretty terrible! If you do not have a lot of time you can make large batches of baby food and freeze it in ice cube trays, Then keep the baby food cubes in Ziploc bags. You can thaw them in advance or just take them from the freezer and put them straight into the microwave. Making baby food in advance allows you to offer your child a wide variety of foods every day.

All you have to do is steam vegetables until they are well cooked and then put them into a bowl and blend them with a hand blender. I used a small milkshake blender. Add small amounts of water as you blend to achieve the consistency of store bought baby food. The food you make yourself tastes better because you can control the quality of produce and there is no need to add ascorbic acid to preserve it. When you first begin feeding your child real food you want to introduce each food individually to see how they react, but once you have done this you can mix different foods together.

If you have difficulty getting your child to eat vegetables add some apple sauce to make it sweeter. Babies are predisposed to sweet food because both formula and breast milk are sweet. Keep this in mind when choosing vegetables. Try sweet potatoes, carrots, and peas.

I make chunky vegetable soup and then blended it for my daughter. She loved it! Add squash to create a thicker consistency. Babies are very sensitive to different textures so I would avoid using potatoes. They become granular and you child may not like this feeling.

You will likely always have the best luck with fruit.

Make a breakfast cereal for your child using rice cereal, yogurt, and blended fruit. Its a great combination that provides balanced nutrition and your child will gobble it up!

Its always a good idea to add a little bit of rice cereal to all the baby foods you make because it absorbs some of the liquid. This makes the food less sloppy, which means less work for you. It also helps to ensure your child gets the calories they need while keeping them more regular. This is not a pleasant topic but it is necessary. Mixing complex carbohydrates like cereals with your babies fruits and vegetables will slow down their digestive system allowing them to absorb more nutrients from the foods they are eating. This is especially useful with fruits.

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