How to Trust Your Teenager

Do you trust your teenager? Have you done a good job raising them and preparing them for what they will face in their teen/high school years? You think back in time to when they were little and say to yourself, wow how did you get to this point in time? You remember how cute, little and innocent they were and now you’re faced with someone who is realizing there is a whole world out there to explore. This new world they will explore is filled with so many dangers to them, have you done a good job? Can you feel safe and confident that they will make the right choices and be safe?

From the beginning good communication is a future key to everything that you, your child and eventually your teenager will need. If your child is not comfortable talking to you, trusting you and confident that they can talk to you without major repercussions you will be possibly setting yourself up for trouble. They need to know that they can call on you and talk to you about situations that will arise and trust me they will arise, without worrying that you will punish them for what they tell you. Be prepared to hear things you may not want to hear, but feel confident in the long run that you are doing the right thing.

The teen years are extremely hard not just for parents, but also for teenage children. They are faced with so many stresses that as parents you must remember what it was like and do your best to sympathize with them. Make sure they know you understand what they are feeling. High school work is much harder and the children of today are given a lot more responsibilities.

Make a point to tell your teenager that you trust them and mean it. If you have done a good job raising them and providing them with all the tools they need, feel confident that they will make the right choices. This is extremely difficult even in the best of scenarios especially when you know how dangerous the world can be. Make sure your rules, expectations and their responsibilities are clearly stated to them. Should they not follow the rules then make sure they understand that losing your trust will limit what you allow them to do.

Letting your teenager go off into the real world is very scary. They will be faced with many different situations that if you sit and think about them you will probably make yourself crazy. At one time you were a teenager, did you have a lot of freedom? Did your parents trust you and allow you out? Did they talk to you like you weren’t a baby and truly listen to what you had to say? If they didn’t, do you believe that you may have made different choices, done different things and maybe talked to them more?

If teenagers do not experience certain things during those years will they be ready to face all the future things that will come in their path? Remember believe in your parenting, believe in your child and open the paths of communication early. As hard as it might be for you to do listen to what they have to say and don’t pass judgment too quickly. You may have to hear things you don’t really want to, but believe in your teenager, trust them and trust what you have taught them.

Open the door and your reward just might surprise you. You just might find that there is a really good person inside your teenager, one that wants to be trusted, wants to be loved, but yet free to explore and make those right choices. They want you to be proud of them, so give them that chance to prove it to you. Of course, any suspicions, watch closely for signs that make you believe that they shouldn’t be trusted or should they not follow your rules and responsibilities set your limits. Only you know your teenager and how well you have raised them. Make sure your door is always open to them and one day you will see what a truly wonderful, trusted, responsible person you have raised.


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