Ideas for Kids and Teens to Volunteer and Give Back

With the holidays quickly approaching, many people take on the idea of volunteering and I do believe this is a fantastic idea. There are many worthy organizations that beg for volunteers each and every year. They serve the homeless. the poor, the downtrodden. Many people will drive to the inner city, their church, their local mall in order to provide the service. Then at the end of the day, they drive home, get in their snuggly beds and go to sleep. Waking up the next day and going on with their daily life as though their good deed has been done for the year.

I like to look at volunteering as a lifestyle rather than a seasonal quest of the fortunate to spread good will. Why do so many feel as though the holidays are the only time they need to service the community. I beg of all to change this view. Volunteering and community service have become so defined that people are missing out on some major opportunities to serve. If you have small children, volunteer on a smaller scale, go rake your elderly neighbors leaves, shovel their drive, mow their lawn. See...that is volunteering year round and you didn't even need a sitter. In fact make the kids help! There are so many things we can do that make a difference. There is no need to be narrow minded in what our opportunities are. Below is a top list of opportunities for volunteering that you can take your kids to followed by links to major organizations. Please do not misunderstand, I am encourage you to volunteer both ways.

Volunteering ideas:

  1. Rake and elderly neighbors leaves.
  2. Go to the grocery store for elderly neighbors.
  3. Prepare a dinner for a new mom and her family.
  4. Baby sit for single mother/father while they santa shop.
  5. Invite a lonely neighbor for dinner and a board game.

Websites and organizations:

  1. Salvation Army Bell Ringers -
  2. Help the homeless
  3. Teen volunteer opportunities -
  4. Volunteer at children's hospital


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