Military Care Packages: How to Make One Any Soldier Will Love

Soldiers really appreciate care packages. Here are some great ideas to send to them and a few things that you do not want to put into a package.

Deployments are hard on the brave soldiers who are deployed as well as the family left behind. One way that you can help out is by sending wonderful care packages to a soldier serving our country. If this is a family member, you will know some of the things that they like to eat or enjoy doing in what little spare time they get while working. It can even be helpful to send them to someone who you do not know very well. Soldiers enjoy getting mail from home and the items you send to them can be very helpful as well. It also takes some of the stress off of the family at home when they know their soldier is receiving things in the mail from people who care about them and appreciate the sacrifice they are making for all of us.

It can be a bit hard sometimes to decide what to put into a care package. Do not be afraid to try new ideas. You never know what might be a big hit!  Here are some things that are great to go in these packages.

  • Baby wipes (These are used to clean dirt off items and also themselves)
  • Toilet Paper (Once in awhile it is hard to find for them)
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • DVD's especially of new release movies (These are great because they are usually shared with other soldiers as well)
  • Hand Sanatizer
  • Hand Held Games
  • Beef Jerky
  • Crackers
  • Candy that will not melt
  • Granola Bars
  • Books
  • Q Tips (These can be used to get dirt out of guns, computers, or just for personal hygeine)
  • Homemade Cookies (Vacuum sealing them works great)

There are also several items you should be aware not to send in your package. These just do not ship well or are not allowed to be sent overseas.

  • Alcohol (Not allowed)
  • Chocolate Candy (This can melt making a huge mess during shipment)
  • Aeresol Cans (Not allowed to ship)
  • Anything that could be considered Pornographic (Not allowed)
  • Stamps (They do not need these. They can send home single envelopes with letters or cards for free)

Remember to also send along something personal. This can be as easy as a simple letter, card, or drawing done by children. You can also purchase magnets with pictures on them. These are perfect to put on metal lockers. Use your imagination and think of something that will help them think of home.

Once you have the items ready for your package, pick up a priority mail box from the post office that is flat rate. You can pack this full of a lot of stuff and the weight does not matter. You will pay the same no matter what it weighs as long as you get it into the box. Make sure you have the correct address, fill out a customs form, and send your package on the way! You will brighten someone's day.


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