Parental Alienation Four Facts

Parental alienation is brainwashing. Parental alienation is abusive.

Parental Alienation: Four Facts-Number One:

Parental alienation is “brainwashing“ - According to, parental alienation is when one parent (typically the one with primary custody) makes an attempt to sever the bond between children of a divorced couple, and the other parent. Over the years, as the concept of joint custody has become popular, so has the incidence of cases of parental alienation.

A noticeable difference is found between the occasional remark born out of frustration and the constant, negative remarks about the other elder to the child.  Sometimes the comments are from the parent themselves.  Sometimes they come from friends, family, and other relation of the alienator.

Parental Alienation: Four Facts-Number Two:

Parental alienation is child abuse. - According to Dr Glenn F. Cartwright, children desire, by nature, to love both parents. The alienating procreator, in their attempts to either “eliminate” the target progenitor, or to recruit the children onto their “side,” cause unnecessary pain and confusion to the subject child. Regardless of whether the alienating parent is the mother or father, and regardless of which parent “wins,” it’s always the child who loses.

Parental Alienation: Four Facts-Number Three:

Parental alienation is beginning to be recognized as damaging by the psychiatric community. - At the website, new divorcees can learn about the damaging effects of an alienating parent on children from a host of legitimate certified experts on the subject of child psychology. Experts are even beginning to recognize patterns that, many experts believe, may be an expression of a condition now known as Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).

PAS is identified by such symptoms as A) an irrational and unjustified hatred of the target parent; B) otherwise normal child behavior until the target parent is mentioned; and C) claims against the target which, are based on memories preceding the birth of the child. When actual abuse or neglect is present in the case history, a determination of PAS is not applied.

Forcing a child to have to choose between the approval of their Mom or Dad, over the other, has such dire consequences for the children later in life that, it deserves to be recognized as a jail-able offense. Any other form of child abuse is treated as such.

Parental Alienation: Four Facts-Number Four:

Re-marriage can sometimes trigger parental alienation - Again, according to, whenever a parent re-marries, it’s sometimes the case that, one parent might try to “make room” for the step-parent by attempting to “turn” the child against the target parent. Competition between the ex-spouse and the new step-parent might also be a cause of the issue. Mothers wishing to “move on” and fathers wanting to get away from the past may also commit acts of alienation. Mostly, these problems seem to center around one basic emotion, and that emotion is fear.

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