Practical Ways You Can Help Your Child Grow Spiritually

A child doesn't know their purpose. Here are somethings you can do to help your child grow spiritually:

  • Speak with your child
  • Ask them what they think life is all about,what life is, how do they see things?
  • Explain to them what life is.
  • You let them know that life is hard when they get older, and yes, life isn't meant to be fair.
  • You have to understand why people do what they do and learn from peoples mistakes.
  • Teach them to love themselves and understand.
  • Life is a machine and you have to work hard to get that machine working right.
  • Teach them they can be whomever they wish to be when they get older.
  • When they look at things, look at the intricacies and not to look at something as just an object.
  • Look at the details,
  • Admire the detail and hard work it takes to create something so small and precious.
  • To never stop, keep reaching for the stars.
  • Keep an open mind in what you see.
  • Keep going through step by step.
  • If it doesn't work the first time, keep trying.
  • Look within yourself and love who you are.
  • Once u love who you are, everyone else will.
  • See the light that comes from within.
  • Be comfortable in who you are, as a little person.
  • Never stop reaching and examining everything in life.
  • Life is a wonderful world, it has so many different things and meanings.
  • Explore the beautiful light that life has.
  • Don't be ashamed of your culture, or your loving or caring for a special person.
  • Never stop saying I love u because we're here on borrowed time.
  • As u grow, you're learning, and you're moving on to each level of life.
  • Life is like a book, don't just read from the cover and the back, each and every page is like life.
  • What you've learned from the mistakes you made, what you learn from it and how u moved on.
  • We learn from our mistakes, some do and some don't. The ones that do move onto another level in life.
  • It makes us a strong person, a thinker, an understanding individual who knows our purpose in life.
  • To learn, to laugh, to treasure.
  • We are like birds, we learn to spread our wings and fly, what we learn in life.
  • And at the end the lesson we learned, people we met, the joy in life.
  • We stand in front of our creator and explain to him the things we learn, love we felt, anger we felt and what we learned from our mistakes so we can move forward in a heavenly light.
  • Our halls in heaven will be filled with understanding angels full of heavenly light.


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