Setting Ps3 Parental Controls: For the Parent With No Electronics Experience

This is a article for parents with little expirience and will walk you through this step by step.

This is a guide to show you how to set parental controls on a ps3 system. This article is set for a person who doesn’t know anything about computers or gaming system or never used one. This article includes pictures, text, and captions to get you there. There are great options for different levels of control.

Using the controller

The correct way to hold the controller is to hold it facing you so you can read the word sony on the top middle part of the controller. Make sure this is a playstation controller. (I am assuming you are using the Sony Sixaxis controller that comes standered playstation three entertainment system with the playstation 3, if your not you might have to do a tad of problem solving.)

Step 1 getting on the system

First you have to turn on the playstation entertainment system. Click the little button in the bottom right corner of the ps3/playstation three entertainment system. (From now on I refer to playstation three entertainment system as ps3.) This will turn it on. Then a menu that is labeled users pulls up. Click on the account name using the blue x button and your in.

The other way to turn the ps3 on is to click the little clear button in the middle of the ps3 controller this should turn on the ps3. Then a menu that is labeled users pulls up. Click on the account name using the blue x button and you’re in.

Step 2 getting to the parental controls

Alright so you just popped onto the system and you will see the game part of the ps3 menu. You will have to click the left key on the (its shaped like addition sign) plus control pad 4 times to get to the settings menu of the ps3. Second click the down key on the plus control pad 13 times to get to the Security settings menu on the ps3.Click the X button on the controller to enter that subsection of the menu.

Step 3 your gateway to parental controls setting a new password

So you need to highlight change password so its white) and click X. (it might change color depending on the theme/background) Enter the number 0000 as the current password when this pops up. This is what it looks like.

Remember enter 0000 It is the default password. (if you havent already set one. Once you enter it you will see this.

After that it will allow you to enter a new password remember what it is. You will have to enter your new password twice. Once to set it and once to confirm it.

Step 4 the different parental controls

You just have to enter your password now and change it to what level of restriction you want now

1. The Blue Ray Disc BD for short parental control menu, sets the parental control level for BDs with parental control restrictions, basically controls movies.

2. BD/DVD Parental control region code is sets the rating system that the system uses as its bases for movie controls. Ex Us or British rating systems.

3. Dvd parental control sets the parental control levels for Dvds with parental control restrictions. The lower the level, the tighter the restriction.

4. Parental Control is the basis for controlling the level of games played. The lower the level the tighter the restrictions.

5. Internet Browser Start Control Restricts the ability to start the internet browser

This is a guide about how to implement such restrictions. You must pick the level of restrictions fitting for your personal situation.


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