Teaching Your Children Fun Facts About States Michigan

Teaching children about the 50 states of the USA can be challenging. Here's some fun facts to make learning interesting.

Children typically learn detailed information about each of the 50 states starting in about the 4th grade.  Some children devour this information and can't wait to learn more.  Others roll their eyes with boredom as they struggle to take it all in.  It's important for a child to learn geography and to know the basics about the country where they live.  Making learning fun and including interesting facts about a state can be beneficial to learning.  Here's some fun facts about our Unites States of America, specifically - Michigan.

Michigan became one of the United States of American on January 26, 1837.  In fact, it was the 26th state on the 26th day of January.  The origin of the name Michigan is from an Indian word, Michigana, meaning large or great lake appropriately named seeing as how it is located on over 3,000 miles of Great Lake shoreline along with over 10,000 inland lakes.  The entire state is divided by the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula connected by the Mackinac Bridge which is one of the largest suspension bridges in the nation.  A fun way to bring this kind of learning to life for your student is by studying bridges and then re-designing your own bridge using building toys like Legos, K'Nex or Tinker Toys for starters.  Or, you can be creative and use other types of building toys or household materials such as straws and cards, etc.

Michigan is home to 116 lighthouses.  Lighthouses are another object of fascination for the young and old alike.

The capitol of Michigan is Lansing.  A fun way to memorize the state's capitols is by putting it to memory in an interesting way.  A great way to remember Lansing is to think of the land singing.  Draw a picture or have your children cut out pictures from magazines to put together pages of state capitols in an easy-to-remember format such as a picture of a map of Michigan and a microphone glued to the center of it implying that the land is singing (Lansing).

Some great places to visit in Michigan are Mackinac Island where no cars are allowed, and you have to take a ferry to get there; Traverse City Dunes where there are large sand mounds called dunes to play on like a giant sandbox, to name a few.  It's tough to climb up the large dunes, but it's great fun running back down.  Traverse City is also the home of cherry festivals in the summer.  A Father and Son team "Pellet Gun" and "Young Gun" Krause have won the International Cherry Pit Spitting Championship on several occasions.

Michigan is associated with automobiles because of the manufacturing plants out of Detroit.  This can be a fascinating key learning fact for children in about the 4th grade who are still fascinated with small diecast toy cars.

Their state motto is:  If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you!

Their state flower is the apple blossom

Their state bird is the robin.

Their flag is blue charged with arms of the state.  Flags are another fascinating way to learn for many children as they love creating and adding color to something as simple as a coloring page.  To make it more exciting, you can cut out felt pieces or fabric to make a replica flag.

It's nickname is the Wolverine State, though most people are not quite sure if wolverines even ever lived in Michigan.  Though wolverines do live in cooler climates. They have thick, glossy, dark brown fur with patches of white fur, leaving them often to be confused with skunks.  The most popular origin of the nickname Wolverine comes from the Toledo War fought between Ohio and Michigan in the 1800's. Because wolverines had a reputation of being ornery, Those from Ohio called those from Michigan "wolverines" as the two sides continued to battle over who owned the Toledo Strip.

The next time your child sits down to a bowl of cereal, you can remind them that Battle Creek, Michigan is the home to Kellogg and Post cereal companies and is sometimes referred to as "Cereal City."  Or, have a glass of Ginger Ale and think of the pharmacist, James Vernor, in Detroit who invented Vernors Ginger Ale.

Michigan's history holds so much more interesting facts that can be brought to life and made interesting for young learners.  The facts and tips listed here is a great place to start.


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