Teen Stretch Marks: Causes, Treatment and Elimination

Teen stretch marks are a result of collagen-building disruption. Eliminating stretch marks is available through surgery but there are many tricks to hide and conceal teen stretch marks.

Stretch marks are a normal part of puberty. Most teens acquire stretch marks as their bodies grow. But that doesn’t help the self-consciousness that comes along with wearing a bathing suit when stretch marks decorate the thighs, back, chest/breasts, arms or hips.


The sometimes-purple or textured pale marks are a result of the disruption of the normal production of collagen, the major protein that comprises skin tissue. When teens go through growth spurts, the skin is stretched more quickly than collagen can handle, thus resulting in stretch marks. Rapid weight gain can also produce stretch marks in teens.

Preventive Measures

Eating healthy foods and taking collagen-boosting vitamins and supplements will help prevent future stretch marks. Foods high in lysine and proline aid the production of collagen. These foods include meats, green tea and garlic, as well as Vitamin C.

Other preemptive strikes include using sunscreen at the beach or pool. An SPF of four won’t help protect your skin. Try SPF 45 and above. Playing sports is also a great way to prevent stretch marks. Being active gives the skin extra-elasticity, which will disrupt the collagen-creating process less.

Making Teen Stretch Marks Less Noticeable


For girls, most bathing suit retailers offer boy-short bikinis that will hide the stretch marks on the butt and thighs. If they are on the stomach, consider a one-piece suit or a tankini when soaking in some sun (but remember the lotion!). T-shirts worn to the beach will also protect the upper body from the sun. If the stretch marks appear on your arms, stay away from sleeveless shirts, and if they are on your stomach, look for longer shirts and tanks.


Body makeup specifically designed for scar concealing will be great to hide stretch marks when covering up is not an option. Also, at most chain makeup stores, teens can purchase makeup designed to cover up tattoos. Popularly used by brides on their wedding days, the makeup will help hide stretch marks.

Sunless Tanning

Avoid tanning beds that can make stretch marks more noticeable and consider sunless tanning lotions and sprays. The lotion will cover the stretch marks and give them the same tanned appearance as the rest of the skin. In addition to tanning beds, the sun’s UV rays will make stretch marks more visible because they will not tan.

Eliminating Teen Stretch Marks

Although many creams claim to eliminate stretch marks, few actually work. Before considering alternate routes to remove teen stretch marks, keep in mind that stretch marks do fade in appearance, sometimes to the point where only you will notice them. You also don’t want to take permanent steps before your body has stopped growing, because more stretch marks may appear.

Tummy tucks and laser treatments are two surgical ways to eliminate stretch marks. Consult a plastic surgeon and prepare a list of questions before your appointment. What are some non-surgical solutions the doctor recommends? What is the percentage chance that the procedure will work and teen stretch marks will be eliminated?


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