Thoughts on How to Be a Better Single Parent

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs a person can take on in life. This is the one job while in the middle of producing a child, one never thinks they will have. However, this could very well be the one job you end up with. Has nothing to do with your education or bank account. It’s the true facts of life you. You can’t control how long you live or how long you will be on this earth. You have no control over fate. Once you are in certain situations, you can’t walk out or change it.

No woman or man ever grows up and say’s “hey, I want to be a single parent”. You never expect it and you certainly didn’t ask for it. So how do you deal with it if/when it happens? Well I would advise you lift your head up high and do the best job that you can. Making mistakes is just part of the position. As you get past the first few difficult years, out of diapers and no more formula. Now ready for pre-school or otherwise. They see, play and pay close attention to everyone and everything in there sight. They ask some really amazing questions. The one question that seems to come from there small adorable voices.

Mommy why don’t I have a Daddy? In some cases, Daddy why don’t I have a Mommy?

While they attend school with there peers, they notice the differences in families. At some point the question will come from there precious little souls. All you can do is answer the question, never in a negative tone. Never respond by making the absentee parent seem like the bad person. Life has a way of showing you everything you need to see. In time as they grow up they will see the truth. All you can really do is assure your child you are with them forever. Although you did not intend to raised them alone. That is how it turned out and you are doing all that you can to make sure they grow up in a positive, loving environment. When a child asks about his/her absentee parent, how should the single parent answer the question? Answer it with love and your child’s best interest.

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Mark Cruz
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Posted on Mar 12, 2012