Tips on Being a Good Grandparent

Your own kids have been raised up right, got married and low and behold before you know it, you are the grandparent. Things are different now than when your own kids were little and your parents were the grandparents. Remember how, occasionally, they woul

Rule number one of being a grandparent, you get to do a little spoiling. But, not too much. If you have the extra money its fun to spoil the little apples of your eye. However, you do have to send them home eventually and you don't want to get that late night phone call. You know the one I'm talking about, the one you made at four in the morning because the six year old was throwing up and you wanted to know just what they had been eating, and why was the puke six different colors all at once? Yes, give them a few treats, but remember its for their good as well as your own child who is now a parent's good. Sick tummies are not fun for anyone. Also, if you give into every demand that is all they will do, demand. Its hard to say no, but better in the long wrong if you do. Well, not to everything. Saying yes is half the fun of being a grandparent.

Rule number two of being a grandparent is that on occasion you get to be responsible for the grand-kids, whether you really want to be or not. You are never going to not be a parent to your own children, and at this stage being a good parent is helping out the new parent. Babysit, come over and help with things when mom/dad are sick. You don't have to take over or pay the bills or anything like that, but sometimes just getting a break is all your own kids need. Be there for your own kids when they need you.

Rule number three of being a grandparent is to love unconditionally. You are the one that the grand-kids are going to be able to talk to, commiserate with, have fun with, be silly with, cry with, laugh with. Those little guys need to know that in this big ugly world there is one person who they can count on no matter what. That's you. Sure, they can count on their parents but as you well know, you can't tell your parents everything and sometimes a kid just needs someone to lean on and listen to who isn't mom or dad.

Finally, rule number four of being a grandparent is to enjoy it. Take pride in the next generation. Go to school plays, watch track meets, cheer them on in basketball, and above all take part in their lives. This is the fun part! Enjoy it.


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