Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas: The Perfect Gift For Dad This Father's Day

Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas – the perfect gift for Dad this Father's Day

With father’s day less than a month away, now would be a good time to think of unique gifts to make your dad feel special. Think outside the box; gifts do not necessarily have to come wrapped in decorative paper with ribbons, embellishments, and all that, do they? Your dad probably has a wide collection of handkerchiefs, ties, cufflinks to go with the ties, watches, colognes, CDs, and hats, to last him a lifetime, anyway. This year, make your Father’s Day gift different.

Here are some unique Father’s Day gift ideas to try:

1. Take Dad outdoors. Your Dad may not be able to enjoy the great outdoors anymore, so take him out to experience the wind and the sun. Drive around town with the top of your car down, go boating or fishing, or take Dad out to the park where there is a ball game. Maybe your Dad would like to swing some balls, so go ahead, drive him to a golf club where he can try to perfect his golf swing.

2. Cook for Dad. Surprise your Dad by taking charge of the kitchen this time and cooking your Dad’s favorite food. You don’t have to be a great cook to do it. You can whip up just about anything, be it simple or exotic, bland or flavorful. What really counts is the thought. Then spend more time to eat and talk with Dad.

3. Fix some things in the house. Are the pipes leaking? Do electric wires need to be re-assessed or re-connected? Take a long good look at your dad’s place and take the initiative to do the things that need to be done. If there are things that are beyond your capacity to fix, by all means, hire a technical person to get the job done.

4. Go see a movie with Dad. When was the last time you watched a movie with your Dad? Probably that would have been ages ago. Actually, it’s not necessary that you go to an actual movie theatre. Just rent a DVD of your Dad’s favorite movie and watch it together in the comfort of his home.

See, a Father’s Day gift does not have to come as a physical product. The little things you can do for your Dad on this very special day have deeper meaning and more value than those things bought in the mall or online. Sometimes, the best gifts are not wrapped in paper nor seen by the naked eye, but felt by the heart.


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