What Made Dr Seuss a Legend

A birthday tribute to Dr. Seuss and why his books were successful

This article is a birthday tribute to the man behind Mulberry Street. The man who created classics such as One fish, Two fish; The Who’s of Whoville; and the Grinch. These stories belong to none other than dear Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss, born Theodor Seuss Geisel, had a unique style that made his books popular for generations. His career in children’s literature didn’t come easily- he was rejected 27 times before making it. His break came when he was commissioned to write a lively book that would help young children learn to read. The result was The Cat in the Hat. His career took off after this book was published. He wrote many books, but what did he do that made us love his books so much?

1) Dr. Seuss used a color palette that was uniquely his. Think of your favorite Seuss book…no browns, grays, or deep purples are likely to be found. Bright red and baby blue were his trademarks. They made his books memorable and branded them.

2) His books taught morals. Sure, it would still be fun to read about an elephant named Horton even if we didn’t learn a lesson. But parents and kids enjoy his books because he taught valuable lessons the fun way- through creative storytelling and unforgettable characters. We won’t ever look at a speck of dust the same way…For my high school graduation; my grandparents gave me the book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” I read it again, at 18, and saw that Dr. Seuss’ wisdom can be applied at any age.

3) The rhymes! Kids learning to read and those who have been reading for quite a while enjoy the simple rhymes of Dr. Seuss. They are sure to rattle around in your head after any reading of Dr. Seuss.

4) Dr. Seuss sparked the imagination of children. See Jane run…just didn’t do it for young American readers. Dr. Seuss’ land is a magical place with green eggs and ham, Loraxes, and stolen Christmases. Children thrive on creativity and need the visual and mental stimulation Dr. Seuss provides. (Those who used to be children may also enjoy it as well.)

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, which happens to be today,

Let’s think of how great he was, and what made him that way!

To celebrate his special day, read one of his books, right now,

Let your imagination go wild- he will show you how.

(My attempt at a Seuss-ism).




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