What Mom Craves: Ten Things Mom Wants

Do you know what mom craves on her birthday or Mother's Day? Here are ten real moms talking about things mom wants on her special occasion.

On her birthday or Mother's Day, the special mom in your life might surprise you with what she really wants. While being a mother is the most amazing job in the world, when her children are small she may have trouble clinging to her sanity. Don't assume that a devoted, doting and determined mama of an infant or toddler wants to spend MORE time with her little ankle-biters on her special day.

Would you be shocked to discover that what mom craves is a day off? Or at least a day with no bickering? A mom's heart always puts the needs of her children first, but every mom would like to pee by herself at least once a week. Here are ten moms who shared some honest but funny insights about the real things mom wants on her birthday or Mother's Day.

"To be alone!" says mother-of-one, Kristy Sibley. "Not stressed or being sat on, pulled at, screamed at, peed on, etc. I would love to eat a meal without getting up 17 times to do or get whatever my daughter has decided she needs the second I sit down." Kristy is a nutrition expert and Shaklee distributor.

"She wants Dad to take the kids out for lunch, the park and then grocery shopping while Mom stays home alone to do what ever she chooses," said mother-of-four and grandmother to many more, Lactation Specialist Peggy Andrews.

"I want a toilet that stays disinfected for at least 2 minutes," said Karyn Hartley, mother-of-three including two boys and a baby girl. Karyn also wants a fairy to do her dishes and laundry and keep everything running smoothly. She dreams of "an uninterrupted bubble bath, the ability to find an object because it was actually put back in it's rightful place, and descent family pictures with no tongues out or goofy grins."

Another mother-of-three, Michelle Brown, said frankly that she just wants to pee in peace without hearing the word, "Moooo-oooom!" Michelle has two girls and one baby boy. "Once in awhile the bathroom is my excuse for a break," Michelle said, laughing. "Also, a haircut, a massage, and time to myself to go out alone."

Moms spend more time making sure their kids look clean and nice, often forgetting to eat or take care of their own appearance, so the massage and haircut notion was addressed by several other moms, too. "I want a full nights sleep, my own room, a hair cut, a massage, some reeses and flowers," said mother-of-two, Tracy Haukaas. "A day by myself at home, a hair cut, a date with my husband, and a girls night out," said Gabby O'Neil, adding that she would also need the money to make all that happen.

Along other lines, every mom wants peace between her children. A fellow freelancer and mother-of-four, Amy Davis said she just wants "One day without ANY fighting between my kids! No disobedience, bickering, sassing, or eye-rolling - That's what I want!"

I want all six of my kids and their mates, all 14 grandkids, and 12 greats in church with me on Mother's day!" That would be the ultimate gift, dream and desire of retired school teacher and cake-baker, Carol Whittington. Then to herself she added, "Dream on, old lady!"

However, what mom craves can be summed up in one word: time, or as mama-of-one Kathy Farley put it, "Guilt-free time to myself." Motherhood is very rewarding, but it is also quite consuming. Nearly every thought and ounce of energy a woman has is required to keep her children learning and thriving. While most things mom wants are set aside while she raises her children, she will not object to a day off.

All that young mother, Tonya Williams wants is time to read a good book without any interruptions. Is that too much to ask? Until the kids leave for college, it might be. But how about just one day to get through as much of one book as possible. It's what mom craves. It's what mama wants.

So here it is, the top ten things mom wants...

10. Flowers and her favorite candy or treat

9. A date with her man

8. A girls night out with her friends

7. A clean house done by someone besides herself

6. Her children to be with her, do the same thing together, and get along

5. A haircut at a real salon

4. A massage... longer than a half-hour, please!

3. A full night's Sleep

2. Uninterrupted Peace and Quiet

1. A day off to herself to do whatever she wants


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