When to Sell Your Child

Absolutely nothing!!!

There are many questions one must consider before selling a child and I reccommend research and much contemplation before having the child because there are many factors to consider in order to prepare the child properly depending on the type of market you are pursuing as well as all the various cost considerations involved.

First, let's look at all the various markets for children distribution. There is obviously the largest market which is for childless couples who like that "New Baby smell." These couples, especially in America, seem particularly fond of white children and will pay exorbitant sums and aren't usually too fussy as long as the child is healthy. Boys naturally, here in America, as in most countries are more popular and command top dollar since females are more readily available. It's your basic supply vs. demand situation. Occasionally hair or eye color may be a factor since the purchasing parents might want similar features to their own. Blonde haired blue-eyed children sell quite well in European markets, especially Germany for some reason. Now, the good news is, no matter what, there is almost always a buyer for babies, especially males, in the U.S. A. There is good potential too for importing and exporting. Obviously this end of the business is more for those looking for the "quick" turn-a-round.

For those with the patience and capital for a more long-term commitment, there are many individuals, especially in agriculture and some manufacturing environments looking for good cheap labor. This is more market-based so expect extreme price volatility. Usually males are the main sale item and bring the highest prices around age 13. If they are much older, then the window of opportunity may have been missed and if much younger, then they are not ready for the work that awaits them. The purchasers are business people and don't wish to spend money on unproductive upkeep.

There are always specialty markets for gifted children in sports, music, or any artistic endeavor which requires a lot of expensive grooming but it can pay off in huge ways. I am sure you have heard of Tiger Woods! Obese children have their market too for those with expensive tastes. A certain body-building governor didn't get that physique from just eating protein bars!

There are many things to consider but, as stated, it's best to plan in advance. If you don't, and just decide one day you wish to sell your child because he's defective in some way: defiant, unruly, etc. then that's a red flag for potential buyers. You might still make a sale but at considerably less than expected. Any buyer can check Kidfax and see if the child has any medical or mental health problems and why would they buy a child with issues with so many to choose from?

As for when to sell your child, it depends on various factors as discussed but a good rule of thumb is when toy sales are down, child sales are up. This means there is a demand in the marketplace. Thanks to birth control, two-income homes, etc. there are fewer children available to meet the demand creating a seller's market.

There are many ways to sell your child but I don't recommend auctions because you typically will just get a wholesale price from an investor willing to take the time to market the child properly. It is a good source for you as a reseller though to score some great deals. I knew one family who got a great deal on a Korean violinist prodigy for only $1000 because the weather was bad and it was a no reserve auction. Obviously these people were quite lucky but I am sure the seller lost a bundle and was quite disappointed. With the economy down, you can probably find some great kids at bargain prices for resale. The demand and market is as strong as ever even in this economy. Who ever said you can't pick your relatives?

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Posted on Mar 18, 2011