Whole Milk Yogurt, Nuts, And White Cheese: Good Foods To Help Toddlers Gain Weight

The reasons for toddlers being underweight can be many. Undergoing surgeries, having digestive problems, having being born earlier or prematurely, experiencing oral-motor delays are some of the prominent reasons for the toddlers being below the standard weight decided by health organizations. The fact that the toddler is not fully fit and healthy can be very stressful and full of tension and panic for the parents of the toddlers. Given below are some weight gain tips for toddlers which have been the brainchild of reputed child specialists globally.

Ways to Gain Weight for Toddlers

Weight gain tips for toddlers mostly involves giving them nutritious food by consulting your pediatrician. Parents of toddlers are suggested to visit the child specialists to deal with eating problems and also changing the diet in case of need. When the underweight toddlers cross the age of two, their diet should ideally contain fats between twenty to thirty percent of the total diet. Eating whole grains, fruits, highly nutritious vegetables, milk, beans and oils are some of the vital weight gain tips for toddlers.

Foods rich in calories such as nuts, meat and cheese are highly recommended for toddlers to gain the expected weight. Feed white cheese to your toddler than feeding the orange or the yellow cheese, simply because the white cheese will give them more fat which is highly nutritious than the other types. Grilled cheese, cream cheese and macaroni cheese are especially very popular among the toddlers. Another brilliant source of weight gain for toddlers are the olives which are always fun to have. Olive oil will prove to be very useful and nutritious for the toddlers and can be served to them along with their favorite food items such as the pasts dish along with sauce.

Giving your toddler whole milk yogurt is yet another weight gain tips for toddlers, but you should make sure that the yogurt served is not at all low in fat content and varieties, as this will not give you the desired results. One of the yogurt which you can serve your toddler and is a certified yogurt, is the Stonyfield Farm's YoBaby yogurt. The specialty of this yogurt is that is available in various attractive flavors and is an organic yogurt. Read more on yogurt smoothie recipe. Whether you are breastfeeding your child or you have now decided to give him cow's milk, one thing you must take care of is that, the quantity of milk should be sufficient to meet the nutritional needs. Giving powdered milk after sprinkling it into casseroles and meatloaf, to provide your child with the essential proteins and calcium, is one of the many weight gain tips for toddlers. Feeding the toddlers with sandwiches containing avocado is another useful suggestion with context to the weight gain tips for toddlers.

The most popular drink which can boost or increase the calorie intake is the chocolate milk which should be prepared by substitution of carnation instant breakfast mix. This kind of milk can be very useful for those toddlers who are moody and sometimes do not drink or refuse plain milk.

Some More Weight Gain Tips for Toddlers

The following are some more weight gain tips for toddlers:

  • Serve natural and organic peanut butter, but make sure that your child is not having an allergy to peanut
  • Have five or six small meals instead of two or three very large ones
  • Tofu, which is low in fiber and rich in fats and proteins is good for toddlers
  • You can use soyamilk which is fortified in beverages
  • Calorie intake from fats should be around 45%
  • Strictly avoid giving toddlers concentrated fiber
  • Cereals, dry fruits, nuts and seeds can fulfill the essential zinc and iron needs of toddlers
  • Protein intake should be at least twenty five grams a day
  • Give foods rich in Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and calcium

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Health problems due to malnutrition is a matter for concern which should be thought over seriously. The weight gain tips for toddlers will make them free from diseases and disorders in their further life.

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