Your Baby Can Read: Too Good To Be True?

When I first heard about Your Baby Can Read, I wondered if this was going too far with pushing our children to excel at young ages. Where can there be any value in trying to make some poor nine month old baby reach the level of a five year old? Isn't this considered "pushing" a child? These are legitimate questions. If some parent has a twisted ambition to make some kind of superstar out of their toddler...We want to be the first to warn these people: This program is about interacting with your child in the presence of a book and the written and spoken word. A child has a propensity for learning at this age and can do circles around any adult with the amount of new information they are committing to the little, quickly developing intellects.

This is why children play. They touch and focus on and taste and smell every little thing around them as their amazing growing brains are creating tens of thousands of new synaptic connections every second. This is the perfect time to introduce the world to your child. Words, written, spoken, and read are a large part of what this mind will process for years to come. It can't wait to get started. ESPECIALLY if Mommy and Daddy are in on the game, interacting and praising and teaching that books and words are fun! So, years down the road when it's time to do homework, and required reading, and being a student is your child's job -the good memories will make it a job your child enjoys and excels at.

To put in perspective how fast your child's brain is developing between the age of three months and five years, and why it is very important for the parents to be the child's teacher at this time, know this: By age five, 90% of the brain's development is complete! It is at this time that the ability to learn a foreign language, written and spoken language is at its peak. There is a window of opportunity here that your young child could be missing out on by starting on the path to literacy after the minds "growth spurt" is starting to wind down. Many studies have shown that a child who learns to read earlier, especially in the comfort of home while spending close and interactive quality time with mommy and daddy, will grow up much more likely to like reading. And when a child enjoys reading they are so much more likely to perform well academically. This is the principle that the new learning program Your Baby Can Read is based on, that children have capabilities to learn at very young ages that were previously thought unrealistic.

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Now does the developer of this system, Dr. Titzer, claim to be able to teach a nine month old baby to read by using his videos and cards? Is it even possible for a child that age to understand phonics and the alphabet? It's true that this course is not going to teach a toddler to sound out words phonetically, and actually read. However what this material along with the videos is going to do is to allow your child to recognize the shapes of the words and the letters that make up the words. Over time the child learns to associate the patterns of the written language. They do this a lot like they figure out patters in spoken language...A shaken head accompanies a "No!" and a nodding head -a "Yes!"

This coarse is under $200.00 and it includes a whole bunch of stuff that will give you and your baby tons of quality bonding time. During this time, your child will be preparing for that first day of school. Imagine the self esteem boost when the baby finds out that he is the only kid in the class who can read! That's the value: seizing that window of opportunity. Here are the tools you will receive:

You get 82 two-sided word cards. These will help your child to begin to recognize word patterns. Once they learn the form of about fifty words the child will be able to start recognizing patterns and associate them with the spoken word.

These cards get a fun game going between you, the teacher your child needs but would not have gotten for another four plus years, and your baby...who can read!

Here is where the vision of the parent, with the child in their lap, reading and bonding comes to mind. Your child will participate in reading this book as it reinforces all that the cards have taught so far.

Here is a big chunk of value! These DVDs will give you toddler hours of time in front of the TV doing some of the same stuff they got to do with Mommy and Daddy! Much better than cartoons, don't you think? They have included cards that slide revealing the answers -to accompany the DVD. 

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If you do this in a really involved way with your baby, you will be having the kind of one on one teaching time that will be quality time in itself as it also gives your baby a good head start. Remember, don't push your child, and be patient. Have fun! That is the first priority. My wife and I bought this when our daughter turned three. We gave it to her as a birthday present...Get it? Of course she wanted to play with her birthday presents, and the first impression that night was perfect! She instantly took interest, and keeps at it still! We've had it just under a month, and of course i can't wait to see the results that will come when she has had three to six months with it. But she is already learning a lot. It's amazing, you can almost see the wheels turning as she plays and watches the DVDs. I'm very happy that we bought this for our child.

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Posted on May 12, 2010